CITB CSCS Card Checker Online With CPCS, CISRS


The CITB CSCS card checker is a great online tool to check the validity of CSCS cards. Most employers and clients will insist on this before contractors can go on site. The tool on the CITB website checks CSCS, CPCS, CISRS cards.

CITB CSCS Card Checker

It’s important to point out that a CSCS card is not a legal requirement to go on site. It does help the holder to prove they have the qualifications and experience for the job though. The CSCS card also helps to raise the standards across the UK’s construction sites.

You can visit this link for the online card checker.

Required Fields For The Online CSCS Card Checker

The CITB CSCS online card checker requires at least two types of information to perform a valid search. The ID/Registration Number or National Insurance Number are mandatory. Either of those are essential before you can search. You can then input different combinations to produce your results. Usually the Date of Birth or the Surname is enough to perform the necessary checks.

Another great feature of the CSCS card checker is that it allows you to check expired cards also. This can be useful if a holder has lost their card and wants to check if it’s still valid. Usually the card will show the date in which it expires. That will not help someone who has lost their card or waiting for a new one. Depending on the job you do will determine the date your card expires. In most trades your CSCS card will be valid for 5 years.


Visual Checks For Fraudulent CSCS Cards

There have been many cases of fraudulent CSCS cards in the past. The online checker is great for checking valid card numbers but not if a card is fraudulent. There are many visual checks you can carry out if you are unsure a card is authentic or not. Below we list some of the main checks you can perform.

  • All CSCS cards contain a hologram in the top left corner.
  • The card holders name will appear below the hologram.
  • Below the card holders name should be their registration ID.
  • The photo of the holder should appear on the right and be a good likeness to the holder.
  • Cards contain HS&E tested logo in a silver coloured box next to the ID photo.

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    What is a CSCS card?
    Proof that workers have the training and qualifications to perform their job on site.

    And a CPCS card?
    A more specific card that proves an individual can perform plant operator duties in construction.

    What Are CISRS Cards?
    A scaffolding industry specific card which has been the standard for over 40 years.