Clay Roof Tiles Types, Prices And Benefits


This guide examines the top Clay roof tiles types in the UK currently with their prices. We also provide information about the benefits of using Clay for your roof surface.

Clay Roof Tile Types

What Are The Benefits Of Clay?

Clay tiles are one of the hardest and most durable materials for roofing. Their range of beautiful finishes make them the material of choice for many. Using Clay can add character to your property and blend into the surroundings. They also leave an authentic aesthetic look that can add to the value of your home.

Good Clay tiles can preserve their colour and finish for up to 50 years. It’s no surprise they continue as one of the most common types of roof tiles today.

Clay Roof Tile Prices By Marley

Marley are one of the top suppliers of Clay roof tiles in the UK. This company has a proud history of making tiles which spans back almost 100 years. You can check here for their full tile range which includes both Concrete and Clay tiles with prices. Double Roman and Melodie interlocking are two of their best sellers. Their Single and Double Camber are among the most cost effective if you need to keep the price down.

What is the minimum roof pitch for Clay tiles?
The lowest pitch for Clay roof tiles will vary depending on which tiles you buy. Some of the latest materials need a pitch of 15 degrees while others can be 20 degrees. The accepted angle for most tiles was 20 degrees until recently. As a consequence, Clay is not a good material for flat roofing which have a smaller roof pitches.

Other Tile Types