Roofing Sheets: Common Types & Benefits


The use of roofing sheets as your material of choice is becoming as popular as roof tiles now. More are turning to sheets when looking to update the style and design of their roofs.

Plastic and Metal roofing sheets tend to be the top options but there are many others. Bitumen, PVC and Polycarbonate sheets are also gaining in popularity.

roofing sheets

Using sheets for your roof surface is a much quicker and cost effective way to protect your roof. Most materials tend to be much friendlier to the environment also. Below is a little information about the top materials with the benefits of each.

Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal roofing sheets are the most common for domestic roof surfaces. They tend to be heavier than other materials but are also the most durable. Usually you will get a lifespan of around 40 years with low maintenance.

Steel is the top metal roofing sheet material but there are other options such as Zinc and Copper. This can be a pricier option but you gain in longevity. One of the big benefits of metal sheets is you can apply to pitches as low as 5 degrees. Most of the common types of tiles will need a pitch of 20 degrees.

Metal sheets are one of the most versatile materials which you can apply to most roof surfaces. There is now a much bigger range of colours and textures available. This can enhance the aesthetic look of your roof surface and increase the value of your home.

Polycarbonate & Clear Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are a thermoplastic which are very strong and flexible. This tends to be the material of choice for conservatories, greenhouses and skylights. It’s common to use this material to add more natural light to areas such as sun rooms and patios.

Polycarbonate sheets are not only much stronger than glass but also protect from UV rays. They usually come in clear sheets which contain a protective layer that resist the rays of the sun. These sheets are also an effective solution against moisture and extreme weather conditions. You can expect a lifespan of up to 20 years if you opt for this material.

You will usually need a roof pitch of 9 degrees for most Polycarbonate sheets. This material provides better insulation than glass and is resistant to scratches.

Bitumen Roofing Sheets

Bitumen roofing sheets are one of the cheapest options around and simple to fix. This material is more suitable for shed roofing, garages and other garden areas. You will usually get a 15-20 year lifespan with Bitumen sheets depending on the quality.

This is another strong material which has excellent waterproofing qualities. Another big benefit is the insulation layer that prevents heat passing through the sheets.

You can apply Bitumen sheets to roof pitches as low as 5 degrees. This lightweight solution also comes in many different colours. The price per sheet currently is a little as £10 per sheet. You will need to buy the ridge and dry verge to keep your roof watertight.

Plastic & PVC Corrugated Sheets

Plastic sheets are often transparent and a cheap covering for your roof surface. This material is also very lightweight and easy to fix if you know what you are doing. Plastic and PVC sheets come with many of the same benefits of Polycarbonate sheets. They are often used as a cheaper alternative.

Both materials have a low water absorption rate and protect against UV rays. You can also purchase a coating solution to protect further against UV Rays, heat buildup and glare. It’s common to see these materials in use as skylights and basic roof surfaces. Both are very durable which makes them almost impossible to crack or chip.

You can apply Plastic and PVC sheets to low roof pitches as little as 5 degrees. The prices of these sheets are usually £10-£15 and have a lifespan of around 10 years.

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    Other Roofing Sheets

    Tile Effect Roofing Sheets

    Tile effect sheets as you may guess by the name are roofing sheets that mimic tiles. That is where the similarities end, sheets do not have all the negatives that tiles do. One of the main differences is the weight, sheets are much lighter than Slate or Concrete tiles.

    Tile effect roofing sheets are usually Metal but are also available in Plastic tiles or as common sheeting. Sheets are much stronger than tiles which makes them almost impossible to chip or crack. These roofing sheets are much easier to install which can save on installation costs. You can also maintain the beautiful aesthetic look of tiles while making a saving.

    The prices for tile effect sheets vary a lot with some as little as £8. The more expensive sheets can cost between £20-£40 in most cases.