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Roof Designs & Styles

This area of our website contains our latest articles about roof designs and styles. Selecting the right type of roof can be a complex process. There are many considerations to bear in mind before making your choice.

Roof Designs With Pitches

Pitched roofs tend to be the most common if you live in areas with a lot of rainfall. This is also the case for areas that experience high winds and snowfall. Water and other weather conditions can be a problem if you have a flat roof. The sloping nature of a pitched roof means the water will run off easier. This can reduce the chance of any water damage to your loft and other areas of your home.

Another great reason for having a sloping roof is the popularity of loft conversions. More people are tuning into the fact that they can easily create more living space. This is important with the rise in population and the housing shortage. Selecting the right type of roof can also add value to your home. There are far more options to improve the aesthetic look of your property with a sloping roof.

Flat Roof Styles

Flat roof designs tend to be more popular for extensions and other types of outdoor builds. This includes areas such as garages, sheds and conservatories. The most obvious benefit of flat roofs is they are far cheaper than sloping roofs.

These types of roofs use less materials which will have a big impact on cost. A flat roof is also much quicker to install with lots of time-saving coverings available. An EPDM flat roof for example will take far less time to install than a roof with tiles.